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Jordan for free. Jordan is a very country easy to travel for free and also, a classic of organized trips. Seeing ads in the press or in travel agencies often makes it easier to decide to go in an organized way or perhaps because of your geographical location in the middle of conflict zonesbut let's not be fooled, Jordan is a safe country, cheap and affordable. You can rent a car or travel by bus if your budget does not allow it, but moving between the most important points in the country could be almost a child's play. We tell you how to go to Jordan for free, a country that must be seen at least once in a lifetime, especially for the spectacular Petra.

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Jordan for free

Jordan will allow you to enjoy 3 essential things For most of us traveling for free:

  • Culture. Jerash and Petra, ruins listed as impressive.
  • Wadi Rum One of the most beautiful deserts in the world and the perfect place, except in summer, to practicetrekking.
  • Beaches and diving in Aqaba.

Jordan is geographically in a strategic place in the middle of countries in conflict, so it has an important role in the area being almost a hinge country for the stability of the area. Jordan borders countries such as Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel, so it is not surprising that countries like the United States help Jordan in order to curb pressure from other countries on Israel.

If we go south we find the only exit to the sea, Aqaba, with just 24 km of coastline, especially thanks to an exchange with Saudi Arabia by the current Wadi Rum. It is clear that both countries will have won something, perhaps oil in the Saudi case, but for Jordan it is to have greater access to the sea and also be one of the reference points of diving throughout the Red Sea.

Leaving the geographical part and going to the social part or cultural, most Jordanian marriages continue to be arranged as in most countries of the Arab world. It is also rare to see women live alone, but it is something that is changing and that in the coming decades will change if political stability allows it.

In the case of men when they marry, they continue to live with their parents, so in Amman there are so many houses with two or three floors, some half-done, to provide shelter for the families that the men will bring.

The Treasury, Al-Khazneh

A curious fact, the health public, it is the best in the area, and also the education. Many foreigners are seen studying in Jordan for the quality of it.

Demographically Jordan has more than 6 million inhabitants, a high figure if we compare it with the half million it had in the mid-twentieth century. This figure has been increased by the refugee reception from countries like Syria or Palestine. In addition, the Jordanian average family is around 7.8 people, almost the European average tripe.

He tourism It is the third largest source of income in the country behind the money that comes from outside Jordanians working outside the country and phosphate mines. Every year more tourists go outside agencies, so going to Jordan for free starts not to sound weird.

Finally, it should be noted that 96% of the energy consumed is imported energy, mainly from Saudi Arabia or Egypt, making it a very energy-dependent country.

Practical data

GPS: 31 ° 56 '59 "N/ 35° 55' 58" AND
Surface: 92,300 km2
Religion:Muslims mostly.
Language: Arab.
Currency: Dinar.
Weather: 4th driest country in the world

When to go / Climate

Surely one of the most important tips, avoid Easter week. Places like Petra can become a procession of tourists especially the first days of the week.

We are small in Wadi Rum

Already facing the weather, taking the capital as an example,Amman, during the month of August it exceeds 33º and in January it is around 13º. If we go south, specifically towardsWadi rum, during the summer it is easy to exceed 50º, so be careful with the walks.

Currency and cost per day

You can change the money at the airport, a change very similar to that of the capital. Outside the capital it is possible to change Euros in hotels or in tourist areas.

€ 1 = 0.83 dinnar

Approximate costs:

  • Food. € 15 - € 30 / day.
  • Hotel € 20 / day the cheapest. It is possible to camp for free in Wadi Rum.
  • Rental car. From € 30 / day.

Health and vaccines

Currently no need to get vaccinated to go to Jordan, but it would not be bad to get vaccinated against tetanus, malaria or typhoid fever. Anyway remember that the Jordanian health system is top notch.

Travel insurance

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You have the most up-to-date information by consulting the MAE page, but we can assure you that traveling for free is pretty sure. In any case, due to the neighboring countries, one must always be attentive to the political situation.

Transport. How to get around?

It is striking to see how Jordanians almost always move by public transport and the few who have money with a Hyundai. Gradually, especially in Amman, luxury cars are seen, a slight synonym for growth, since the middle class is still a little forgotten in this part of the planet.

To take into account for transport:

  • Arriving by plane is not what is said cheap, since the airport fees They are very tall, perhaps to pay for their recent inauguration.
  • Yes rent a car Looking for local agencies online, it will always be much cheaper than the well-known AVIS or Hertz.
  • The gasoline round the dinar and 0.70 the diesel.
  • From north to south there is a dual carriageway, which even reaches Aqaba, with gas stations and hotels along the way. In one morning it is easy to get from Amman to the Red Sea.

Wadi rum


It can be done directly in the airport as long as the visa is valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival. Always carry it with you, since it is possible to find the occasional control on the road, especially in areas near Israel.

What to visit?

Next we highlight the main locations to see in Jordan for free. In order to enjoy time we would need at least 10 days to see them without hurry, including transportation between each destination. It is true that places like Jerash or Amman with one morning is more than enough, but both Petra, Wadi Rum or Aqaba are worth spending two days on each of them.

Jordan for free

1 Amman

At first glance Amman is a city that is growing, skyscrapers are seen emerging between houses with 3 floors, half-finished works and small open fields. It is a city with multiple urban centers and some of them occupied by refugee settlements in Palestine or Syria. It is a city of passage, to avoid, that offers you little except services and that is the closest place to the airport and Jerash.

As a curiosity, its name means "the white city", and there is a regulation that requires building all houses with white stone. As a curiosity, there is only running water one day a week, so it is easy to see water deposits on the roofs of Amman's houses.


2 Jerash

The best preserved Roman city in Jordan and possibly one of the best in the world. It is just over an hour from Amman, and is usually the first sight before leaving for Petra.


3 Petra

One of the wonders of today's world and that stuns even the most traveler.


4 Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Spending at least two days walking among its canyons is one of the best possible experiences in Jordan.

Wadi rum

5 Aqaba

Famous for its seabed, it is the only point of departure to the sea across the country. It is worth finishing the trip here or in the Dead Sea.

6 Dead Sea

Known for its medicinal waters, it is currently one of the most tourist places in all of Jordan. I fear that in a few years the entire coast will be full of resorts and cosmetic shops.

From my point of view it is funny to feel the buoyancy in the Dead Sea, but if you go with the right time, it is the place you should eliminate without any doubt.

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