What tours in New York you shouldn't miss


You still don't know what tours in New York you can do? Do you know that waiting in line for a tour in New York is a sacrilege? When you are on vacation, you least want to waste your time in the queue of a museum or a show, but after having visited the big apple several times one can apply the saying, every master has his own trick. We selected ten tours, for all tastes and budgets, in case you can use ideas for your next trip. In addition, most of them have been linked to a ticket website where you can buy your ticket in advance and not wait for queues, because the lines in New Yorkk are as long as their buildings are tall. Don't be innocent, and prepare your trip to New York well.

10 tours in New York that we recommend

We have selected the most interesting tours of the big apple. From the most classic to the most original. If you have already visited New York we will be happy to receive your comments.

1 Live a show on Broadway

Visiting New York and not living a Broadway show is a crime. We know that New York is not a cheap city, let alone with the current Euro / Dollar exchange, but a small investment to be able to enjoy 3 hours of authentic spectacle it is very worthwhile. If you are from Madrid or Barcelona you may have enjoyed some of the current shows in NY, but unlike the big apple, which not only by amount wins by a win, many of the shows are authentic works of art. It is one of the tours in New York that you cannot miss.

New York - Broadway & Times Square

Some ideas to visit Broadway:

  • The classic ofThe Miserables
  • The best of Broadway, the Lion King

2 A Gospel Mass in Harlem

One of the things we enjoyed most in New York was a mass of Gospel in Harlem, north of Central Park. It was a Sunday morning, very early, and we lived very closely as the African-American community expresses its passion and feelings in a unique mass in the world. We could not take pictures of the Mass, it was forbidden, but from the door :).

Tours in New York

Do you dare to do this tour in New York?

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3 Tour of contrasts in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn

One of the most famous tours in New York is the one of the Contrasts, where you visit in one morning the less touristy from the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. In this tour you leave aside the most famous attractions in New York and you will see how the real New Yorker lives. As are their houses, where they will eat, as is the police, the graffiti of the best graffiti artists, the Jewish quarter, the basketball courts, in short, many things you see in the movies that you can only see in the authentic New York neighborhoods.

Contrast tour in New York
Tours in New York

Do you dare to do this tour in New York?

Our articles about the excursion

4 An NBA match

After watching a game of the NBA One wonders, how could I not live this before? I still remember the time to buy tickets. That if they are expensive, that has nothing to do with Spain, too much money, that if this or that. In the end, click and buy them. The best purchase without a doubt in New York.

New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden

We watched the game between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, with Calderón as the Spanish stronghold and with Kobe Bryant as the NBA crack. In the end I missed the game, I do not remember who won, but so much the preamble of the party with that hymn that we most wanted in Spain to live with such passion, that envy ..., plus the times deaths animated by children, cheerleaders and all kinds of shows they make basketball or the NBA more than our king sport, football.

New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden

See tickets for the NBA - Knicks

5 Circle Line, the best cruise in Manhattan

Before leaving for New York we were clear that we wanted to know the city from another perspective, in ship. Multiple cruises to Brooklyn or the Statue of Liberty leave Manhattan for example, but the only one surround the entire island of Manhattan It is the Circle Line.

Circle Line Cruise
Circle Line Cruise

From the Circle Line cruise you can see all the city ​​skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the Yankee Stadium, churches, bridges you can't imagine, the northern neighborhoods and non-tourism areas and that you can only see on this cruise. The good thing is that with the City Pass that we will talk about later this cruise is included, so you cannot avoid the temptation to do so.

Circle line - Statue of Liberty

See 3-hour boat ride

6 See New York from the Empire State Building

The classic among the classics, the Empire State. Place of worship of romantic films or mirror and icon of the city, that is the Empire State Building, almost a myth and one of the must-see in New York. The only thing that can wither it is the huge queues that form at the entrance, is it because it is one of the most demanded tours in New York?

New York - Empire State

But do not despair about the queues, we leave you a link so you can buy tickets online.

Buy ticket for the Empire State Building

7 Discover Manhattan by helicopter

If you have a budget, one of the tours in New York that you have to do is about flying the big apple by helicopter, an experience that few cities can afford. Passing by or between those concrete colossi is a unique experience. The views are incredible and the feeling of traveling on a steel bird As this is the closest to being Superman, I still feel the moment we spent on the Hudson River.

New York by helicopter

Being one of the most demanded tours and there are neither too many companies nor too many helicopters, we recommend that if you intend to do so reserve it with time. We leave you a link with a really interesting price.

Manhattan helicopter reservation

8 Upload to the Top of the Rock

At the time we talked that the Top of Rock has one of the best views of New York, something that we undoubtedly continue to think. From the building of Rockefeller Center You can see practically all of Manhattan and the Empire State, giving an almost perfect view of the city.

New York - Top of the Rock

As in the Empire State, the lines are infarct, something that has forced a strict reservation by turns, so if you want to see New York at dawn or at to become night, the best moment, you will have to book your ticket with at least one week.

Buy ticket without waiting in line

9 Sex Locations in New York

If you are a series addict, you can do many tours based on the series recorded in the big apple. One of the most demanded tours is that of Sex in New York, and the truth, although not a fan of the series, I could see it with my girl and I do not regret it. We were able to see more than 40 locations in a luxury bus. One last.

Sex Tour in New York

Book Sex tour in New York

10 A day of museums

Finally two museums, very different between them. Two tours in New York full of history. One is the Metropolitan, where history, painting and sculpture live next to Central Park. The other is the former Intrepid Sea Air aircraft carrier, an example of the arms power of the United States with a lot of surprises both on the airstrip and inside, where the space is present.

New York - Intrepid
New York Metropolitan

Discounts with City Pass

A good way to save on tours in New York is to acquire the City pass. A card that includes the most interesting places to visit and optionally others. It includes the visit to the Empire State, Top of the Rock, Museum of Natural Sciences, Metropolitan Museum,Intrepid Museum and the statue of liberty among others. It also gives you the advantage of having access to these places without the tail from the ticket office.

Book the City Pass

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