The best of the South Island of New Zealand


New Zealand is mainly composed of two large islands, the North and the South as they call them there, one with a mainly volcanic aspect and the other with sharp mountains full of large glaciers. Today we will focus on the best of the South Island of New Zealand, where fjords are as spectacular as the Norwegian fjords, the highest mountain in the country, the Mount cook and its more than 3700 meters, the best sites for the observation of whales, penguins and sea lions, and finally two glaciers that will make us see the grandeur of nature.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

The best of the South Island of New Zealand (tips)

We have been several times in New Zealand despite the distance and the costs that entails. It is a country that has fascinated us by its great diversity in such a small area of ​​land, without discounting the tranquility of its inhabitants which have taken their union with nature to very high points, being the activities related to it the main hobby of the country .

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

Our way of touring it was always the same, a motorhome in New Zealand. From our point of view it is the best means of transport in the country, sleeping in areas where a hotel would cost us a fortune and discovering places that would otherwise have been impossible. That is why today we dare to write the places on the South Island of New Zealand that we think we should visit.

1 Doubtful and Milford Sound

To the southwest of the island we have one of the steepest areas of the country and where getting there is not always an easy task. This area of ​​fjords is rooted in a reputation that is rarely met and is that of having bad weather for 300 days a year. This may take us back to the beginning, but one of the things that characterize New Zealand's weather is its changing character, so we can approach in an incipient rain and reach our destination with a radiant sun.

Doubtful Sound

Two of the most important fjords are Doubtful Sound Y Milford sound being the second most visited of them. To get to Doubtful Sound we have to hire a tour (+230$) since to get there we have to cross the Manapouri Lake, in my view of the most beautiful in New Zealand, therefore arriving by car is an impossible task. Instead Milford Sound is easily accessible by a particularly beautiful road and to which we have to pay attention in winter due to its constant closures due to avalanches.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

Click on the following link to get more information about the Doubtful Sound fjord.

Tips : before going to Milford Sound look at the state of the roads. If they are cut, hire an excursion to Doubtful Sound where there will be no problems.

2 Queenstown, capital of adventure sports

This small town on the banks of lake Wakatipu It is known for adventure sports lovers. Almost anything that comes to mind can be practiced here. From such everyday activities as hiking, skiing or mountain biking, to rafting aboard boats with jet engines, kayaking, bungee jumping, skydiving, ..., etc. Endless activities where you can leave all the money of the trip because they are not cheap, around 100$.

Shotover Yet

Click on the following link to get more information about the crazy activities to do in New Zealand.

Tips : at I-Site You can hire any activity at no additional cost. Just prepare a credit card ...

To sleep the ideal is to look for some of the campsites around the lake Wakatipu in northeast direction

3 The Fran Josef and Fox Glaciers

Two are the most accessible glaciers in the country where we arrive through short trails once we leave our vehicle in a parking lot. Fran Josef It is the best known and most used for helicopter excursions (about 300$) and hiking trails. He Fox, a few kilometers away from Fran Josef has better viewpoints and we can get much closer to the ice.

Franz Josef Glacier

Click on the following link to get more information about the Franz Josef glacier.

Click on the following link to get more information about the Fox Glacier.

Tips : the best trekkigns outside the glacier are in Fox. If you want to walk on ice, choose Franz Josef.

4 Oamaru and the Dunedin Peninsula

Leaving the South Island and not visiting the friendly penguins is almost a crime. Both in the Dunedin Peninsula like in Oamaru, a few kilometers north of Dunedin, we can find these animals both early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Going in between is almost going to waste because they will be fishing.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

Tips : to see the penguins it is best to go to Oamaru. In Dunedin there is a paid beach since in other places of the peninsula it is more difficult despite the fact that the landscape is much more beautiful and other types of animals are seen.

5 Mount Cook

It is a place exclusively for hiking or mountaineering. If your idea is simply to go around, it is best to skip it directly and look for better locations. The site is really spectacular but if you are looking for a good photo near the hotel or a road, you will find little.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

6 The Manapouri and Wanaka lakes

Curiously, the large number of large lakes on the South Island of New Zealand, where hundreds of kilometers of narrow roads line its banks. Manapouri and Wanaka are two clear examples, where stopping our vehicle and taking a great picture is really easy.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand

Tips : There are several places to park with the motorhome around the lake and enjoy spectacular sunsets. In both there are boat cruises

7 Abel Tasman National Park

This national park is a bit behind once we go to take the ferry to travel to the North Island. Its roads full of curves where traveling 20 kilometers can mean an hour of travel can be an incentive to decide to remove it from our itinerary. Big mistake if you are lovers of good beaches. Crystal clear beaches on an island where permanent ice covers much of its mountains is very rare to see in another country in the world.

Kayak in Abel Tasman

Tips : it is a place where you can enjoy especially in summer

8 Whale Watching in Kaikoura

It is not exactly the best place in the world for whale watching, but in any case if it catches you by the way and you have never seen them, you will have a great opportunity to observe these gigantic animals in Kaikoura. The cost is around 145$.

The best of the South Island of New Zealand - Wikipedia Image

Tips : I have friends who didn't see any whales on rainy days

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