Can you be compensated if your flight is delayed?


Everyone who travels sooner or later will have a setback at the airport. Sometimes the flight is delayed or you simply lose it and arrive late to the next destination. You can also give the case, in this I have a PhD, which you lose your luggage. Sometimes they appear the next day or hours later. Others do not appear and you have to take a trip without your belongings, so the trip your life can become a real nightmare. Today we are going to tell a brief story of what happened to us on our last trip to India and how we could have solved it.

Flying in Myanmar

The phases you pass if your flight is delayed

Whenyou miss a flight or it is delayed It upsets you all or part of the trip. When we travel to India, we fly from Madrid to London and from London to New Delhi. When we arrive at New Delhi The surprise was that the bags never arrived, and not only that, we had a flight two hours later to Leh, in the Himalayas, which in the endIt was delayed more than 6h. What happened ?, the inevitable, we passed the classic situations of the traveler.

1. Stress situation

Yes, I don't know if it's fear or anger, but it destabilizes you. Between the language, that in some countries the Swedes are made, and not really knowing what can happen makes you nervous. Take it easy, it would be our recommendation, because almost everything in this life has a solution.

2. Measures are taken and Murphy's Law comes

They confirm that the bags will come the next day, something that never happened, so we took the plane late, they were more than 6h late at the end, with what we were wearing, shorts, shirt and the camera backpack, never the bills !, to the north, where the temperature was 15 or 20 degrees less. Of course, Leh after all is over 3,000m high. Luckily the rest of my classmates left me clothes, but he airplane delay He made us miss a car rental day, a hotel night and a day of our trip. A world, if we talk that holidays are sacred. If the flight is delayed, bad, bad.

3. You adapt with a good adventurer

True is that the suitcases never arrivedWell, 3 days later when we were already in Madrid, but the funny thing was that they had to go around the world, since they had half-world stickers. It shows that its owner is a traveler :).

During our stay in India I had to buy clothes from the place, which luckily is very cheap, dress like them and adapt, and the truth, it was a fantastic experience. It would have been better if in Asia there was a service like the one we are going to tell you.

Hindu dress

If your flight is delayed, don't worry

There isa service where they stick for you If your flight suffers a delay, where they seek to be paid compensation. If you have made a claim at the airport you will know that the process is done so that you never charge and above all, so that you never receive an answer. Rarely airlines pay voluntarily and surely you don't know many people who have paid money for it.

There is a service that operates Flightright in the European Union That does everything for you. To give you an idea, compensation is around time and distance. Let's see some examples:

  • Flights with less than 1,500km and a delay of 2 hours, € 250.
  • Flights between 1,500 and 3,500km and delay of 3 hours up to € 400.
  • Flights of 3,500 km and a waiting time of more than 4 hours up to € 600

In addition, from the area company you have the right to receive benefits of the type:

  • Phone calls.
  • Food and drink.
  • Accommodation and transportation

If this happens, Flightright can fight to get fulfill all your rights and make the claim process for you. They will take a 25% commission of your compensation and if they don't get it you don't have to pay anything. After all, they rely on all the means to get compensation and collect this commission. If they don't, they don't charge, it's that simple. Not easy?