20 things to do in London (Suggestive Ideas)


That there are many things to do in London is not only a fact, it is a reality as it has been Brexit, a reality. London is a different city, original and very, very daring. Every time we go we do not stop repeating certain places that caught our attention. In addition, on each trip always it's time to do something different, but if you want to enjoy and know London well today we are going to recommend 20 things that will make you see London with very good eyes :)

20 things to do in London

1 Visit the British Museum with an expert

That the British Museum is one of the best museums in the world, we have no doubt. But there are many people who visit it without knowing what they are seeing, it is also. So why not go hand in hand with a guide or an expert? We recommend you to burn this tour, so you will return as experts in the field.

2 Tour the best historical sites of WWII

I recognize him, I am a fan of history and especially of the great wars, where London is a clear protagonist. Let us not forget that the English like to work in any contest, so the city of London has several of the most important places and museums of World War II. We talk about it in our article Discovering London in WWII, more than just a tourist route through London.

IWM Imperial War Museum

3 Go to discover the best graffiti in London

When a graffiti is well made a photo can not be missing. Well, it seems that there is a very interesting graffiti route in London. Well, encourage you if you like walls full of art. It is one of the most original things to do in London.

4 Tour London by bike

Yes, although one believes that in London the whole day is raining reality is quite another. It rains yes, but not always. The English are more than accustomed to touring the city by bicycle. After all the transport is not that it is cheap ... We recommend that you see estetour by bicycle.


5 Upload to the London Eye

Climbing a ferris wheel is not done every day, let alone a ferris wheel overlooking the Big ben or at Palace of Westminster. Do not hesitate, book unticket in the London Eye to avoid queues. It is one of the TO-DO that must be done in London.

London Eye

6 Go to the Camden Town street market

A visit to the Camdem Town market on Sunday is like transporting to another galaxy. A picturesque, friendly London full of shops and bars. Any store is original, not to mention what they sell ...

Camden town

7 Take a night walk through London

There is a tour of London to get to know Jack the Ripper's route or just to take night pictures. You have no plans for the night, a night tour is a good option.

8 Take a Thames cruise

If you are a romantic or simply, you are getting tired of walking, a Thames river cruiser is a very good idea.

9 Visit the Tower of London

The Tower of London is usually a place where queues are a classic. Why not catch the tickets with time and thus save time? Hire them from here and you'll save yourself headaches.

10 Stroll along the banks of the Thames

From London Eye to the Tower of London bridge you can see the city from the river. A good route if you want to feel the seafaring part of the city.


11 Watch a show at Covent Garden

London is the European Broadway. The best theaters, the best shows and of course, the most famous actors in the world. Go to Covent Garden and buy a ticket to the show you like best.

12 Getting lost in the parks of London

London has several parks that look like forests. From St James Park, Hyde Park to Regent's Park. The English in this, if they have good taste. Do not miss them.

St james park

13 Take the tourist bus

One in London is a guiri, because if you have little time and want to see the best of London take a tourist bus. It's not one of the things we would think to do in London, but ...

14 Go watch a Chelsea game

England is the mecca of soccer and a Premier match If you like football, it is inevitable that you will have to do. Of course, buy tickets with time that in England the stadiums are always full.

15 Take magic tricks home

In the Covent Garden market there are a number of magic stalls that sell tricks. Besides, you can take magic kit so that at parties you are the king.

Covent Garden

16 Visit the Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

This is not seen every day, a pet cemetery. Miniature tombs dedicated to all kinds of pets. Hyde Park besides being beautiful has things from another world ... :).

17 Buy something (or see) at Harrods

The Luxury English Court in London, a place where children and adults get their eyes creaky ... It's expensive, reality, but the decor and everything they have make it unique. Even if you don't buy anything, it's worth seeing.

18 Be a Beatle!

If you are a Beatles fan you already know what you have to do in London, take the typical photograph of the Beatles zebra crossing.

19 Watch cinematic places like Nothing Hill

London is a movie city like New York. Places like Nothing Hill are crowded with tourists thanks to Hollywood, as they bring back memories of our favorite movies.

20 Take a picture with a dinosaur

The Natural History Museum is one of the best museums in the world. Children have a great time and adults do not stop to be amazed at the recreations and wonders they have in this great London space.

The best museums in London - Natural History Museum

Practical data

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