The best photographs of the month of November


The best photographs of the month of November. Last month we showed you a hiking route like the north face of Guadarrama. Further, Thailand He had a special mention with Lopburi and the City of Monkeys and the Ayutthaya temples. Tanzania He returned to Travel for free with the paradise of Zanzibar and a special from all over the country. Gambia and its beach area appears for the first time on stage as well as one of the most spectacular trekkings in the world, that of Torres de Paine in Chile. We get back to U.S on one of the most legendary routes, that of the West Coast visiting the famous Monument Valley. By lastCambodia, with one of the wonders of this world in our view, Angkor Wat, a place that can not leave anyone indifferent.

The best photographs of the month of November

Here are a selection of the photos you can see on the trips of the month of November.

Tanzania. A paradise called Zanzibar

For its beaches, its seabed and especially for being the perfect destination after a holiday in the interior of Tanzania or Kenya.

Fishing in Zanzibar

Thailand The Ayutthaya Temples

One of the best temples in Thailand visited by thousands of tourists every year. A classic stopping place on your trip to Thailand.

Raining to seas in Ayutthaya

Guadarrama Ascension to the Rock of the Bear by the north face

Little frequented and with unbeatable views of the Castilian plateau, Peña del Oso is one of the best climbs in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Segovia views

Thailand Lopburi - City of Monkeys

Monkeys and more monkeys, if the hate doesn't come, it can be a bit annoying, but once there, why not visit one of the oldest ruins in Thailand?

Monkeys in Lopburi

Gambia. A story between corruption and poverty

A small country in the middle of Senegal, in the middle of West Africa, with some coastlines bathed by tourism and a little exploited interior.

Abuko Nature Reserve

Tanzania for free

Tanzania is possibly one of the best destinations to discover Africa and above all, to do a Safari. In addition, for mountain lovers there is Kilimanjaro, one of the most famous peaks on the planet.


Chile. Trekking in Torres de Paine

Maybe it's a bit far from old Europe but Torres de Paine is one of the places that you can't miss if you like the mountains and the beautiful landscapes.

Torres del Paine
Horns of Paine

U.S. Monument Valley, welcome to the far west

Famous for western movies, Monument Valley is an iconic place within the United States and Hollywood filmography.

Monument Valley

Cambodia. Angkor Wat temple

Not being chosen one of the wonders of today's world more than a misfortune is pure ignorance. Angkor is simply wonderful.

Angkor Wat