What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)


One of the most unknown places in Norway is the Senja Island. A place forged by sharp mountains and narrow fjords, spectacular landscapes and especially ideal for hiking. Getting here is not easy, but its remoteness from the tourist centers makes this remote corner a paradise of disconnection and love for the mountain.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

What to see on the island of Senja - Norway

The island of Senja is less than 3 hours by car from Tromsø in the province of Troms in northern Norway. It is accessible by ferry from the town ofBrensholmen ó Platforms (Vesterålen), but this option is only available for a few months a year and never in winter.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

Senja in many respects is very similar alarchipiélago of the Lofoten. Small islands with steep mountains that reach the sea, tiny villages and very rough roads where a moose or areindeer It can cross us from time to time. And watch out for this because they are really great, especially elk.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

The island is small, but its roads are narrow and in many occasions with many curves. In winter, going from end to end can take us up to almost 2 hours, so it is necessary to get calm and enjoy the scenery. Remember that in Norway the speed is limited to 80 km / h and in winter the use of studded tires is mandatory, which often prevents us from driving at more 50km / h if the conditions are especially adverse.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

Here is a list of the places we visited last winter. An island that gives for at least 2 full days and if we do many hiking trails we could stay weeks!

1 Bergsbotn platform

Excellent viewpoint towards the fjord ofBergsfjord. It is a platform 44 meters long where we will be suspended in the direction of a magnificent view. The parking is located next to the platform and in summer it is a busy place.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

2 Hamn

Place of transparent beaches and charming hotels. It is perhaps the area most frequented by tourists throughout the island of Senja. The main hotel sits on a small island from where there are beautiful hiking trails to do. Its beaches are exquisite and it is a pity that the water is so cold.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

3 Skrolsvik Fort

Old German prison during the Second World War and where hundreds of Russian soldiers were forced to perform forced labor. This site has a very good state of conversation despite not being watched. The trenches, prisoners' cells, barracks and even anti-aircraft and surface guns are visible. A fascinating place full of history and in an idyllic place.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

4 Senjatrollet

It is a tourist attraction where a gigantic cardboard-stone Troll has been built. It is visible from the road a few kilometers from Hamn, so we can make a stop if we go well on time. Access is free.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

5 Ersfjord Beach

White sand beach where the waters are really icy. The locality of Ersfjord It sits at one end next to some very sharp mountains, the Tungeneset.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

6 Tungeneset

Another of the most important viewpoints on the island of Senja. This points towardsTungeneset, a series of mountains shaped like a handsaw and the most intimidating. A perfect landscape for the lord of the rings. Too bad the weather did not accompany us during this day :-(.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

7 Hiking in Senja

There are hundreds of routes desenderismo on the island of Senja and perhaps the most frequented and in turn the most impressive of all is Segla. This route starts from the town of Fjordgârd and the views from above are the most beautiful in all of Norway.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

More information: Segla Route

8 Mefjordver

Nice town that reminds us of the peoples of the archipelago of the Lofoten. A magnificent place to spend the night and where you get very good views of the Segla.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

9 Animal sighting on the island of Senja

One of the most rewarding activities is the search for Moose and Reindeer around the island Very slippery animals that are usually easy to spot in the morning and late in the day.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway) - Moose

There is a pack of Reindeer near the fort ofSkrolsvik, where around 20/30 specimens walk freely along the coast. It is also possible to see Elk by the south of the island and by the road that crosses from South to North.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway) - Reindeer

10 Driving on the island of Senja

The island of Senja is almost all of it bordered by a circular road. Others come together in this one but its only but they are almost always back and forth. All of them in winter are buried by snow and are sometimes cut by bad weather, especially the road that crosses the island through the center, from south to north.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

There are several gas stations and very few supermarkets. Most small except those located in Stonglandseiset and Gibostad. In any case, if we want to buy alcoholic beverages, electronics or other more special things, we must leave the island and cross to Finnsnes By the only bridge. The town that separates Senja from the mainland.

What to see on the island of Senja (Norway)

You drive very quiet, traffic is scarce and every corner can offer you amazing views. We can also find tunnels, such as access to Fjordgârd. In any case, driving with winter tires is not complicated and a 4 × 4 vehicle is not required for this.

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Practical data on the island of Senja

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How to get to the island of Senja

It is usually reached by road from Tromsø, you will drive about three hours. By sea it can be reached from mid-spring to early Autumn from the ports ofBrensholmen ó Platforms (Vesterålen). From Tromsø there is also a ferry. Depending on the origin there may be between 2 or three daily ferries.

What to wear

He winter It can be hard, with temperatures that usually fall below 10 below zero. However temperatures are milder than in other places in Norway. We recommend carrying the following:

  • Thermal tights for pants
  • Thermal long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts with polartec type fabrics
  • Winter gloves with inner lining
  • Primaloft fiber jacket or feathers
  • Cap and panties
  • Blizzard glasses or similar
  • Front for the search for auroras

In summer The temperatures are cool, about 15/18 degrees. To pay special attention to the high number of mosquitoes due to the large number of inland lakes.

How to get around the island of Senja

Ideally, rent a car and travel freely. In winter the bus service is very limited and most people use taxis or their own vehicles.

Where to buy food on the island of Senja

There are few supermarkets on the island, especially if we stay in the north of it.Stonglandseiset,  GibostadandFinnsnes they have good supermarkets and only in the latter alcohol is served.

How to drive on the island of Senja

In Norway, cars are served with winter tires and nails during the winter season. This forces extreme caution, avoiding sudden braking, running too much and anticipating any movement. It is important to look at where one parks because getting off the vehicle can become an odyssey if we park on an ice plate.

Where to sleep on the island of Senja

Senja has few accommodations and most of them with high prices. There are camping and bungalow options whose costs are more affordable.

  • Fjordgård: perfect hotel to think about making the route for the Segla. Exquisite location.
  • Mefjord Bridge: charming hotel on the beach and with sauna.
  • Legendary Lodge Senja: ideal for cross-country skiing or any winter sport.

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