Chebika Oasis An Eden in the middle of the desert


He desert It is relentless for everyone who does not know him and the Water It is the most desired good for our survival. Defined as liquid gold in culture muslim, he Chebika Oasis It contains all the gold we may need, becoming a true Eden in the middle of the desert. Hidden in the bowels of a canyon, it has become, on its own merits, a mandatory destination in every visit to Tunisia.

Chebika Oasis An Eden in the middle of the desert

It's 7 in the morning and it's time to ride a 4 × 4 towards the border Algerian. At the moment the road is paved, but the cruelty of the desert and its dreaded storms bury it under the sand in several sections. The fight against this element is daily and the battle is not yet lost. Straw and wood walls have been placed on the sides of the road to prevent its progress, getting its job on some occasions.

A few kilometers from Tozeur, a pack of dromedaries cross the road towards the salty lake of Chott el Gharsa. Who knows, maybe they were going to visit the scenery of the Star Wars. In addition these camelids of a hump have the advantage of being able to drink this type of water without suffering complications, something unheard of for the human being.

Herd of dromedaries

After just over an hour on the way we arrived at the town of As-Sabikah, chaired by a large palm grove, the Chebika Oasis. This oasis may be one of the many that we can find in Tunisia, but the interesting thing about this place is the birth of the river that gives life to all this incredible place.

From the highest part of the town, part of a path that crosses the bowels of a canyon marked by a river of crystal clear waters. This is our starting point.

Chebika Oasis - Tunisia

After traveling just 5 minutes, we will arrive at one of the pools that have been formed, to which a bridge has been built to be able to cross it in times of floods. In November the river barely runs, but the water it carries is more than enough to be able to take a rewarding bath. The water is very warm.

Chebika Oasis - Tunisia

We will quickly arrive at a waterfall after going through a series of stairs and the occasional seller of desert roses. This type of rose-shaped rock is very common in Tunisia, being most of them extracted on the banks of salty lakes.

Chebika Oasis - Tunisia

But hey, we never bathe? Well, that moment came and it's just after the last waterfall. We will reach a small Eden in the form of a natural pool, which at the bottom is narrowed by a small cavity that passes to another even more beautiful pool. Unfortunately if you don't go for it Water, it is very difficult to reach this place, being located between very vertical walls.

Chebika's Eden

From here we take a path that ascends the mountain in the direction of a mouflon of plaster and stone above. I observed that the road in summer must be quite tired, to be in the sun and without the possibility of shelter under a shadow. This should not take us back, given that it is only 10 short minutes and what awaits us in the end is well worth it.

Trails in Chebika

Once in the wrong high, we find a narrow stretch that crosses completely vertical walls. On the other side, there is a small path (optional) to ascend to the top of the mountain and take a nice picture with the mouflon. I do not recommend it to children or people with vertigo.

And to think that ancient romans they climbed up here with large mirrors to make signals ...

Chebika Oasis

Taken the picture, we descend the path through the ancient population of Chebika, today abandoned. This ancient Roman settlement, although there is nothing left of Roman, was discarded to move to the banks of the Oasis and have the water as close as possible.

Chebika ruins

Curiously when leaving the old Chebika, we appeared in the parking lot where we had parked cars. This road was barely visible, I guess because we were in a rush to go to the banks of the river, without paying attention to the road that went up the hill.

1h excursion and we follow our route in the direction of the Algerian border.

Practical data

When to go?

The high season covers the months of June to August and Easter. Summer is very hot and the rest of the months it is very good during the day and cold at night.

Today there is little tourism and this is concentrated in summer. The revolution of theArab Spring It has frightened tourists and now little by little the country begins to regain its splendor. Is now the best time to visit it? The answer is yes.

How to go to the Chebika Oasis?

Since Tozeur we take the road towards Algeria until you reach As-Sabikah, 54 kilometers away. Once in this town, we take the turn towards the oasis towards the top of the mountain where the road ends and the route begins. We will have a parking lot and a series of souvenir stalls.

Where to stay?

We stayed at the 4 * Hotel Ras el Ain from Tozeur. Comfortable rooms, with cable internet since the Wifi It only reaches the entrance hall and the main pool. It has an indoor pool for the colder months.

Where to eat?

We have to move to nearby towns like Tozeur, given that there are no food stores or restaurants in cinematic places. I recommend you try some flour balls similar to Gnocchi accompanied by dromedary meat.

What to wear

We are in the desert ... So bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a handkerchief in case you have to protect yourself from sand and lots of water. At Chebika Oasis Do you sell Water And some food.

Is it safe to visit / travel to Tunisia?

We have not seen any problem in this regard and the country is quite calm. Perhaps we are shocked that there are barbed wire fences in one of its squares, but this is because the government does not want potential protesters to camp in their squares.

I advise you to read our post on Security in Tunisia.

Additional Information

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