The best photographs of the month of October


The best photographs of the month of October. If there are two spectacular destinations and at the same time different and opposite these could be both New Zealand for its chilling landscapes, like Myanmar for its people and for Bagan, a unique place that uncovers thousands of temples sculpted hundreds of years ago on a long plateau.

Not only these two countries leave us beautiful prints, also this Spain with the classic and at the same time beautiful Stone Monastery, and little frequented routes, full of wildlife, ideal for hiking such as Sickles of the Riaza, in Burgos.

Here are a selection of the best photographs of the month of October that you can see on Travel for free.

New Zealand. The hidden Doubtful Sound fjord

South ofNew Zealand hides one of the most beautiful and hidden fjords in the country,Doubtful Sound. Perhaps its remoteness and its difficult access make your neighborMilford sound(3 times shorter and 10 times smaller) take most visitors.

Doubtful Sound
Doubtful Sound from Willmot Pass

The Stone Monastery and its ruins

Who would say it, but in the middle of Zaragoza and not far from the Monegros desert there is a place called the Monasterio de Piedra. A place with impressivewaterfalls, one like a ponytail, a lake ofcrystalline waters which reflected a small mountain and especially water, water everywhere.

In the ponytail

New Zealand. Franz Josef Glacier

Just a few kilometers from the ocean and at a very low altitude is the glacierFranz Josef. Located on the South Island ofNew Zealand It is a wonder that immerses us in the ice age and that we can easily reach at any time of the year.

Franz Josef Glacier

Myanmar The real wonder of Bagan

If there is a place in Asia where tourism begins to be incipient but scarce, where there is a landscape that stands out as one of the jewels of this small planet in which we live, surely a place like Bagan or Nyaungu.

From the Dhamma Yan Zi Ka Pagoda
Old bagan
Bulethi Pagoda, Bagan

Segovia Natural Park of Hoces del Riaza

Not far fromAranda del Duero, Burgos, and next to the picturesque town of Montejo de la Vega is the little frequented natural park of Hoces del Riaza, a story space where theGriffon Vulture, the alimoche, the pelegrin hawk or the eagle owl, a true natural refuge within a privileged place.

Sickles of the Riaza

New Zealand. Land of Hobbits

It was the year 2001 and a somewhat forgotten book becomes a trilogy that will fascinate millions of fans around the world,The Lord of the rings.


Myanmar Bagan - Mandalay Cruise with Malikha River

The 20s run, one of the most famous writers of the last century, George Orwell, runs through the waters of a mighty river calledAyeyarwady, of crystalline waters in dry season and dark and brown tones in rainy season.


The best photographs of the month of October.