Muscat in two days (What to see in the capital of Oman)


The capital of Oman, Muscat, is the gateway to a country with endless tourist possibilities. Seeing Muscat in two days can be a good way to delve into the culture of the country before entering its hilly interior And its deserts. Do not expect a city of skyscrapers like Dubai, but a city more modern than one might think.

Muscat in two days

The capital of Oman

Having neighboring countries with large capitals where skyscrapers dominate, Muscat has chosen for the moment to get carried away by its culture and to preserve its more classical architecture. But let's not get confused, in Muscat you can find the same things as any European city, though, within large shopping centers where sometimes Carrefour or European brands dominate some great avenue.


Muscat is a safe city in every way. There are hardly any robberies and the traffic, sometimes somewhat chaotic, is strongly controlled by the amount of radars that are on their roads. It is clear the division of neighborhoods where there are Europeans from which there are locals. Where you see green areas is where the wealthiest are, a classic in countries where the desert rules the rules.

What to see in Muscat

1 Great Mosque of Sultan Qaboos

Next to the Royal Opera House The Sultan of Qaboos Mosque is one of the most impressive places in Muscat. It is seen just leaving the airport and is like a symbol of the city, as it represents the culture and religion of this Muslim country. Its construction is recent, with the best possible materials, and it is possible to visit it except fridays and in the moments of prayer.

Sultan Qabus Mosque

To visit the mosque you must go with appropriate clothes. You cannot wear shorts, even if it is very hot. The girls have to wear a handkerchief and cover their shoulders if they were covered. By the way, it opens from 8 to 11am.

2 Royal Opera House Muscat

If you have the opportunity, book a ticket to see any opera show, if not, settle for the guided tour of this beautiful millionaire building of material brought from half the planet.

Muscat Opera

To give you an idea, the marble was brought from Italy, to have a splurge of elegance, and the dry wood of Myanmar. The petrodollars of this corner of the planet are noted. Admission costs 3 OMR.

3 Corniche Mutrah

There is a beautiful walk through the sea ​​port that starts from the fish market. It is a walk of about 5km to the Sultan's Palace. The sea is always left on the left bank, where the waves hit the dikes and where sometimes small beaches appear at low tide. It is a quiet walk, a walk in the sun, but it is worth it if you want to know the most maritime side of the capital.

Corniche Mutrah
Corniche Mutrah

The return can be done by bus, or, if you have rented a bicycle, by bike.

4 Mutrah Souq

The souk area or market, which can remind you of countries like Turkey or Morocco, it is also the area where the cheaper accommodations. It is an Arab market where you can find any souvenirs, antiques and even fake clothes or slippers brought from China. Unlike the countries of North Africa, this souk keeps the distances and you do not feel as overwhelmed as in the Marrakech souk, something unusual, but for the moment possible.

Mutrah Souq
Mutrah Souq

As it happens in many of these markets haggling is common. Most shops accept credit cards, but if you pay in cash you will always get better prices.

5 Al Alam Palace (Sultan's Palace)

Although it cannot be visited, its imposing entrance and the gardens that surround it are well worth a visit, especially after the long walk along the promenade.

Al Alam Palace

6 Al Qurum Beach

One of the two nights we were in Muscat we went to the Quorum beach, next to Beach Street, a place full of life with places overlooking the sea. It is a place where good traffic jams are built and where people will show off their high-end cars or their large displacement motorcycles. It is an area where there is a lot of terraces, good ones restaurants and hotels along a long beach.

Al Qurum Beach

Practical data

Before leaving for Oman

  • Search and compare flights to Oman at the best price
  • Airport transfer
  • Guide of Lonely Planet of Oman
  • Car rental in Oman with 15% discount
  • Oman Hotels through Booking

How to get to Oman?

Muscat can be reached with Oman Air or Emirates or Qatar Airways. We fly to Oman with Emirates Stopover in Dubai We bought the tickets for around € 450 with Skyscanner after comparing several companies. The reality is that both Emirates and Qatar handled similar prices but with different scales. Or Doha or Dubai.

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Muscat tours

We leave several excursions near Muscat, provided that they are available for more than two days.

  • Diving or snorkeling in paradise, in Al Dimaniyat
  • Tourist bus in Muscat (tour bookings)
  • Visit to the canyons and the southern Wadis

More excursions in Oman

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